Baby, it's cold outside!  This is the time of year when we are so thankful to be able to provide for our animals - and so sad that we have such limited space.  We really appreciate those folks that come to us and decide that one of our furries is a perfect fit for their home.  It frees up a space for another kitten/cat or dog that we receive calls or emails about.  So, if you have decided that you have room in your home for one (or two) more, please come by during our Open Adoption Hours or click on the link Adoptions to look at our adoptable four legged friends.  Let us know if one catches your eye and we can send or contact you with information.

The dog we adopted from HOKAFI has been a wonderful addition to our home.  He is a little lovebug who loves to play with the laser light or play tug-o-war.  And when he's tuckered out (finally), he snuggles up next to, or preferably on, someone.  Can't imagine not having him anymore.  He is the reason for us getting in more exercise!

So browse through our photos and descriptions, come in during our Open Hours (you will need directions) - and find your own little, or big, lovebug!

Mary B.