The following are some examples of how adopting a shelter dog or cat has enriched the lives of these people and their families.

Sheena Sheena is doing great. The other cats have accepted her, and our young male (Fonzi) is now her best friend. They run and play all day in between naps.

She's eating well and having no trouble with litter boxes. She's very smart and figured out right away where to eat and where to sleep (on Daddy's bed). She has the run of the house with the other cats and they don't fight at all. It's been amazingly smooth and easy, since Sheena, still her name, has such a sweet personality. Your handling and bringing her up at the shelter must have been perfect.

She only chewed on the wires on the first night. We tucked them out of her reach and it hasn't been a problem since.

She is gaining weight and seems very content, but she is definitely NOT a lap cat. You may pet her and hold her for just a little while, but she likes to lie down by herself on the bed when ready for a nap. She will have her claws clipped tomorrow, but has taken to her scratching post, and uses it regularly. She likes to look out the window at the birds on the bird feeder, as you can see in the photo. We have lots of toys for all the cats and she enjoys them.


Twiggy Twiggy is a complete joy. When she was mothering her kids - she was mellow.

As soon as the kittens left - she became one herself. I was letting her out to hang with my cats when she was here as a foster. She's always been great with the litter boxes and such. She's become buddies with is my cat, Bear. They just love each other.

She eats and drinks normally. She has been to the vet for a limp (he said she was "gorgeous!"). I had to keep her quiet for a week. Luckily that was the week I had painters here so the entire crew was quarentined. She's all better and crazy as ever!

All in all - she's very happy here and I'm lucky to have her.


Mamma The kitties are doing great. Their names have changed a bit. Big Mama Amber we call "Mama" and Granite's name is now Scooter Noodle Kitten, most of the time we call him Noodle. They are both people lovers, adorable and super cuddly. We absolutely love them both.

They both still have their claws. I had no reason to declaw them. John made them a big scratcher pole and that is the only place they scratch. They are so good. I trim their claws 1-2 times a month. I can trim Noodle's claws easily, he just lays there and isn't bothered by it a bit. Mama is getting much better about the trimmings, but usually only tolerates 1 or 2 paws per day.

Thank you to all the folks at Helen Krause for helping John and I pick the right kitties for us. One of our favorite things to do is cuddle up on the couch and watch movies. Mama and Noodle settle in on our laps or curl up at our feet within 5 minutes every time. We love that.

Thanks again.

Chloe Chloe is wonderful, I can't believe she's been with us that long already! She has an older kitty brother that she's very close to, we were concerned about him accepting her...but it sure didn't take long. He lived 13 years with another cat that we lost last October, after he passed Max started to lick his back to the point he had an almost bald streak...within just a few weeks of Chloe joining us he stopped the licking! She brought him new youth & we still find him playing and running around more than he has for years...and when not playing they're sleeping curled up together. Our dog accepted her much quicker than she did him, she was very scared of him, it started slow & we had a room gated off for her to run into for months...not any more! Now it's normal to have all of them together on the couch or her scratching her check on his paw when he's sleeping.

She still loves to eat! She knows her meal times by the clock & is sure to let us know if we're late! She's never gone out of the litterbox & has never scratched our furniture...or anything other than the scratching post. Even 14 year old Max isn't that good! I just started trimming her claws recently and she was just fine with it! She's really a sweet girl & has been a terrific addition to the "family". I haven't had her to the vet yet, I think she was due late summer... we were going to take her in Oct/ Nov to keep them all a couple months apart!

She's perfect!


Katama Everything with Katama is going great. Her transition to her new home seems to have gone smoothly. When I got her home, I was going to keep her in one room, like you suggested, but she kept trying to get out of the room, so I opened the door and let her explore. Within a few hours she was running around like she owned the place. She's been eating and drinking and using the litter box with no problems. Despite all the toys strewn throughout the house, her favorite toys are the broom, my bookmarker, and anything dangling in my closet (belts, scarves, etc.).

Thanks so much for everything. I was really impressed with the facilities and staff/volunteers at HOKAFI. I'm happy to recommend you guys to anyone I know looking to adopt and I'll keep you in mind if sometime down the road I decide to embrace the idea of becoming a crazy cat lady and adopt again.

She's such a great cat. My favorite part of the day is coming home and having her greet me at the door. She makes me laugh every day. I always have funny stories to tell about her antics. One day, while telling my mom the latest story, my mom commented that at least I adopted a cat with personality--she doesn't just sit there being boring. It couldn't be more true. I can't imagine not having her in my life. And she's been great for my wallet. Before I got her, I used to go shopping a lot, just out of boredom. But now when the weekend rolls around I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to stay home and hang out with her. Sundays have become our lazy day. You can often find us napping in a chair together. I haven't had any problems with her. She seems to be happy and healthy.


Hello HOFAKI volunteers,

Chico We are approaching our one year anniversary for our adoption of Chico. We wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job matching our family with Chico. The first two weeks were a bit of an adjustment for him, but since then Chico has fit in perfectly! If he's not napping, then he follows to the room where the family is hanging out! He loves to play with our boys and to snuggle with us on the couch. As you can see in our photo, Chico is very content in his new home! We are so glad we decided to visit your shelter last winter. We always tell people about your fantastic organization!

Thanks again,
The Leib Family

Dear Kim:

Thanks so much for checking on Burke. He is absolutely wonderful. It's as though he has been a member of the family for years. He is a perfect gentleman, and we adore him. His health is excellent, and his skin issues have pretty much cleared up. He gets along very well with our other "kids", and he even loves playing with our one year old kitten.

He has been so cute with my husband. We have nicknamed him Pounce del Lion, as he literally pounces on my husband's lap every time he sits down.

Take care, and please feel free to use Burke's Happy Ending story!

Best regards, Tara S.

Mandy_and_MarlyHi! My name is Mandy. I am a yellow lab about 7 years old. On October 8, 2008, my life changed forever. You see, before then, I was tied outside with no one to love me and was forced to endure the elements. I was brought to Helen O. Krause when my owners surrendered me and life has now become a whole new adventure! After my adoption I was provided with a lot of love and attention to transition into indoor living. I get to sleep on the couch and in bed which really makes my tail wag! I became buddies with my older sister Shania who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I really miss her. My new house includes 2 cats as well - Sour and Skittles. My activities include swimming, many daily walks and meeting new canine friends. I now had a new little sister, Marly. She too is a yellow lab. In the picture, I am the pretty girl of the left! Marley loves to clean my ears and that is ok with me. My new names include ManDog, Mandy May and "you're my girl!". Thanks to the Helen O. Krause shelter, I was able to find my forever home. A big thanks to the volunteers that took care of me while I was there. I love my new family, indoor living and sleeping with my human companions. I will be forever grateful!

Wags and Kisses,


Dear Staff,

Here is a picture of Boyd. It has taken him some time to adjust to his new surroundings. He loves being around people and follows us around the house. He has learned quite easily, to go up and down the steps (Boyd is blind). He even plays on them! He also loves all of his toys. We would like to thank the staff at HOKAFI for not giving up on Boyd. He is one of the most loving cats we have ever experienced.

Thanks Again,
The Guise Family


Just a little note to thank you for allowing us to adopt Rocket (aka Carlos). He has come a long way with his manners and truly has added much joy and entertainment to our lives. He has quite a personality!

He spends his days playing in the back yard and evenings lounging on the couch. We love him very much and it’s hard to believe no one wanted him! We would gladly own 10 more dogs if they were all like him!

Thank You!
The Yohe’s


Our home is full of activity, and it is all because we adopted two amazing cats from your shelter four years ago. Allie (formerly Ally Jo) and Swattie (formerly Dolly) have made our house a home.

Allie loves to cuddle up with me at night. She lays her head on my arm or on the pillow and enjoys her little kitty massage. In the morning, she is up with my husband. She and he have little routines, and she is always by his side in the morning. As he makes coffee, she sits on the couch waiting for him to come in to read the newspaper. Allie loves her toys and scratching posts, and she has her favorite spot looking out of the window in our bedroom. She has quite a purr, so we always know when she likes what is going on around her. Allie is gentle and content to be napping at the end of our bed or racing around the house with Swattie.

Swattie has some funny habits. She was very shy when she first came home, but she has found comfort around us.  It’s not hard to find her in our house.  She can always be found curled up with me in our chair or sitting at one of our windows watching the birds, bunnies, chipmunks, and squirrels in our yard. She wakes up each morning purring and smack up against me, and she can barely wait to eat her breakfast. She waits outside my bathroom door until I’m ready to go downstairs. Then, she races downstairs, jumps up on the arm of the couch for me to pet her, and then she herds me into the kitchen to fill her dish.  She has an amazing appetite. Swattie also knows how to get treats from my husband. She jumps up on the couch with him, steps up on his lap and looks at him with hopeful eyes. 

Both Allie and Swattie are healthy and happy. I can’t thank you enough for keeping them at your shelter until we found each other.

Allison and Dale Mackley