Happy (known as Lizzie at HOKAFI - sorry no picture of this sweet Beagle) was adopted several years ago by Cheryl.  She mailed a picture and letter saying she is doing great and she is so happy to have her.  She appreciates all that HOKAFI and the adoption team did as well as all we do for the animals here. 


Milo (known as Rolf at HOKAFI) is doing exceptionally well and is a wonderful addition to our family.  He has such a pleasant personality and has adapted well to his new home.  He still loves to bird watch from the window and makes his way through the house checking the different views.  We have enjoyed spoiling him and love giving him the wonderful life he so deserves.   Mary and Brad


 Nick-y is doing fine, keeps me busy with play, follows me around everywhere, a wonderful companion.  Joan


Marion says that Lassen (now Abby) is wonderful, spoiled rotten, and absolutely adorable.  She is a lap cat and sleeps with them.  They have no problems with her using the box except for the beginning when they discovered she needs two boxes.  She will not do both jobs in the same box!!!  They clipped her claws once and said she hates it (yeah, who doesn't).  Abby does not scratch anything she shouldn't.  She has no interest in the outdoors.   They are very happy with her and can't imagine life without her.  (Sorry - no picture)


Molasses (now Moksha) is wonderful!  He is definitely still snuggling with Alayna.  I'm pretty sure that is his favorite thing to do, of course that is next to getting treats, and trying to steal her food.  It's has been wonderful to watch his personality continue to emerge, as he has proven to be quite a character, especially in the middle of the night when he often gets bursts of energy!  We are so blessed that he has joined the family!  Jim and Melissa